Are you a pensioner-in-waiting?

Help, information, support and ideas for those whose retirement has been postponed

If, like over three million other women born in the 1950s, you expected to retire at 60, or are one of the chaps whose retirement age went up to 66, you might find yourself with a whole range of questions, problems and ideas you might never have considered before.

The aims of Three Score Plus: 

To provide a supportive environment to those approaching retirement

Through a forum to discuss topics of importance and interest and to provide a social space to make friendships

Through a blog of interesting, educational, entertaining and useful articles covering everything we need to know to lead healthy, fit, optimistic, low-income lifestyles.

By providing opportunities to volunteer and develop skills

If there’s anything you would like us to cover, please let us know by using the contact form.

We aren’t a campaigning site, but recognise that significant work is being done on behalf of all women born in the 1950s. We will keep you to up to date with developments. 

The Forum is for members only. 
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