All About Us

The name Three Score Plus implies more than sixty, more to being sixty and more for those who are close to – or have turned – sixty.

Three Score Plus has been created to offer support and advice to women born in the 50s. The founders were born in the 1950s and are equally affected by the changes.
Three Score Plus is not for profit, it was designed for – and by – Pensioners in Waiting. Three Score Plus has emerged through necessity.

When it became obvious that so many people were massively impacted with the news that their state pension age (SPA) wasn’t what they thought, Involving Communities set about designing a project to address the issues the women born in the 1950s were facing. We have since extended the aims to include men, so they can plan for their retirement too.

Community Involvement Project

Three Score Plus is a Community Involvement Project/Group (for now). It is NOT a charity, yet has charitable aims; it is NOT a social enterprise, but is a structure operating within the ethos of a Social Enterprise. Any money raised through affiliate marketing and donations – which is above the amount required to run the group – will be returned to the community. The decision on how it will be distributed to the community will be made by the community. We are keeping accounts.

Recognising the need for the type of help, advice, support and friendship Three Score Plus could offer, it was decided to “open for business” and develop the structure and status with the help of the community it has been developed to support. 
Involving Communities has invested sufficient funds to enable the registration, hosting and development of the website and forum, and hopes that regular users will consider contributing to the costs of maintaining it. 
If you can’t make a contribution, please just relax and enjoy what we have to offer. We understand that some people do not have a penny to spare.

About the founder

Ali is in her early 60s and has worked with communities for 25 years. She has a small consultancy and works with charities, community groups and social housing providers designing projects to engage their communities, develop their organisations and raise funds towards their sustainability. Ali often works on a pro bono basis.
She has a first class honours degree in social anthropology and a masters degree in voluntary and public sector policy and practice; she also qualified as a fundraiser with the Institute of Fundraising and the Open University.

Ali is never more motivated and passionate than when she recognises injustice, discrimination and unfairness.  She has worked with the full range of different communities: communities of different religions, many nationalities, young people, young parents, victims of domestic violence, street workers, communities supporting and representing people with all manner of diseases and disabilities and various groups and charities within the LGBTQ communities.

She has three children and four grandchildren and multiple births run in the family; she is the daughter of a twin, the mother of twins and grandmother of triplets. 

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