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If you were going to use Amazon to purchase gifts anyway, please consider helping Three Score Plus by using the links on this page. The links will take you to specific products or collections of products for you to choose from, for example:

Books on Health & Fitness

Gardening Products

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and other gift

A perfect Christmas gift or for someone turning sixty this year.  
40 Original artist, top ten hits.


There are many to choose from at Amazon

This reasonably priced  portable, back, shoulder, lumbar and thigh massager is suitable for the car, the office and home.
It is heated too. 

Who wouldn’t to put this on their Christmas list? This Foot Bath with infrared heat and magnetic therapy for foot care sounds fabulous.

Based on the classic stripdown and rebuild outline, and using original Haynes line drawings, this book is a perfect gift or stocking filler.  

22 Pc Set of Aluminium & Steel Crochet Hooks By Curtzy. Click to find out more.

If you’re just starting off knitting, a great way to build up a needle collection is with this Foxnovo Bamboo Knitting Needles Set 36Pcs 18 Sizes From 2mm to 10mm


This useful pack of 20 balls of wool would be great for teaching your younger relatives – or even yourself – to knit or crochet.

It says it’s for students, but they’re gearing it towards someone with a small budget.
Everyone loves a recipe book full of ideas to create good food on a low budget
don’t they?

Thrifty Cook Main Meals:
This recipe book contains meat and vegetarian dishes.

Grow Your Own Vegetables in Pots and Containers:
This is a very practical guide on how to make use of your small patio gardens, or yards, to grow your own food.

Whether you have a big garden, a reasonable vegetable patch or just pots and containers, this book is for you.
Grow Your Own Fruit and Veg in Plot, Pots or Growbags: The A-Z Guide to Growing and Cooking Farm-fresh Food

Did you know
that Amazon sells certified refurbished, pre-owned items on
Amazon Renewed?
Products even have a separate 1 year guarantee.
Grab a Bargain!

This isn’t quite what we remember from the Famous Five. But Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy the dog are still the key characters of this entertaining read.
The story is about taking Uncle Quentin to the local garden centre to chose a new garden shed, but things are not all straightforward. 

This is just on in a range of books for helping people our age to keep fit. This particular one focuses on your flexibility, but click the link to view other DVDs in the series.
Keeping Fit in Your 50s

We have big ideas at Three Score Plus,
all of which will help and support women born in the 50s. 

To develop we need help, your help.
Could you
Donate your time

Please be assured that any donations made will be held separately and securely by the company Involving Communities (who devised and designed the Three Score Plus project). 

Please Consider Donating

Developing any community project requires money. If you can contribute even a small amount, please do…every little helps.
We have no premises to pay for, but websites, web domains, hosting, even the computers required to conduct the business of the organisation do cost money.
So far, everything has been paid for by the founders and we’ll continue this way if necessary, but it goes without saying, more money will see things develop much broader and much sooner. 
We are not for profit, with the ethos of a social enterprise; every penny we raise which is surplus to the requirements of operating the project will be used to benefit the community.

What your donation will enable us to do

  • £8.50 will host the website for a year
  • £8 will pay for the domain name for a year
  • £89 will pay subscriptions for images and arts packages
  • £6 will keep the forum advert free for 50,000 page views
  • £350 will buy a laptop for volunteers’ use
  • £65 will keep a Pensioner in Waiting warm for a month
  • £25 will pay the phone bill for a month
  • Donations of any amount will help with the business of the organisation and help us in our crucial development stage and for years to come.
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