We need volunteers - can you help?

Three Score Plus has a variety of volunteer roles available. 
Please contact us if you can donate a few hours on a regular basis or write a one-off guest article. 

Are you a writer or budding writer? TSP needs people to write well-researched articles of interest to the readers, but especially subjects about which you have an interest or passion.
It could be recipes, keeping fit, mindfulness, about moving home, decluttering, grandparenthood, travel, gardening, absolutely anything. 
You could submit a one-off article or become a regular contributor. 

It’s important that any information we produce here is accurate, topical, interesting and free of copyright. Your job could be to source information, check facts, or to keep a finger on the pulse of the social, economic and political climate to either write articles or pass on the information to the editor. 
The hours involved in this project will be on a project by project basis. All we ask is that you keep accurate notes and can finish a task or hand-over an unfinished project in an accurate and timely manner. 

Forum Moderator
Are you of a calm, respectful, non-confrontational, yet firm disposition? The Forum needs you. We would like the boards to be self-monitoring, but on occasion there is a requirement for a moderator to calm a difficult situation to prevent it from escalating.
As we grow, we will require more and more moderators. We will start as we mean to go on and draw up timetables to ensure there is sufficient cover. Your commitment could be one morning a week or most evenings, then that’s what you can sign up to. We’ll draw up timetables and you can inform us of your availability in advance. 


Website Developers
We would like to share the load of updating the website. If you have experience from work or keeping a blog, please get in touch. We will explain the exact role to those interested in this type of volunteer role.
If you have skills in grammar, design, organisation and persistence, the rest can be learned.
All we ask is a regular commitment, which could be the same morning each week, or every afternoon, or anywhere in between. All we ask is that you finish what you start.

Photo and Image Creator
We struggled to name this volunteer role.
If you can take or find an image/photo, resize an image, manipulate an image for either the website of for social media, then you are what we are looking for.
As and when different topics arise, so an appropriate image will be required to accompany the article, it would be more convenient if we created a library. We have made a start, but it needs to grow.
A keen volunteer, I anticipate, will build up the library at their own convenience and respond to requests for specific images in a timely manner.

Social Media Communicator
This role works with the Founders, managing mainly external communications. We need someone who can deliver innovative campaigns which will improve the experience for our website and forum visitors and members, and maximise fundraising opportunities across all of our associated social media platforms. 
Would a good knowledge of SEO be too much to ask?
Under this heading, we also need volunteers willing to post to Facebook and Twitter on behalf of Three Score Plus.

We will need more than one volunteer to share this role, so the number of hours or days you can commit will depend on the number of people we can recruit. As long as we know what that commitment will be, that’s good enough for us.


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A pile of books and a note book
An image of a busy home desk, with drinks and snacks, a mobile and a laptop
A lady drinking tea and working on a laptop
Image of an elderly lady using a camera

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