Self Care 1 – Show Yourself a little kindness

Show yourself a little kindness

Self Care 1.
Write yourself a letter

If life is a struggle it’s sometimes easier to focus on the negatives and forget to enjoy and embrace the positives. When everything in life is overwhelming, we often don’t know where to begin to make necessary changes.

The core of your life is you.

Show yourself a little kindness.

This short series of posts will help give focus to you: your mind, your body and your very being.


Sit right down and write yourself a letter
If you had a friend going through a tough time, what would you say to them? How would you show that you cared?

You are most likely to be kind, you would be supportive, you might inject humour and remind them of the good times you’ve shared. You might refer to their current situation and tell them how brave they are. You might tell them how special they are to you and point out aspects of their manner and personality you most like, admire and respect. Most of all you would be gentle and caring, you would show love and kindness.

Why not sit down and write a letter and address it to yourself?


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